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Constitution for Non-Statutory Governors’ Committees

  1. A committee shall consist of not less than three members of the governing body.
  2. The membership and terms of reference of the committee shall be decided by at least two thirds (rounded up) of the current membership of the governing body.
  3. The membership of the committee may include non-governors at the discretion of the full governing body.
  4. These are currently restricted to the following:
    • Resources Committee – the School Business Manager and Premises Officer.
  5. The governing body has decided that non-governors may not vote.
  6. The headteacher is entitled to attend any meeting of any committee.
  7. Other members of the governing body may attend any meeting of any committee but they may not contribute unless invited to do so and may not vote.
  8. Where there is a conflict between the interests of an individual member of the committee and the interests of the governing body, or where the principles of natural justice require a fair hearing and there is any reasonable doubt about the person’s ability to act impartially, s/he should physically withdraw from the meeting and not vote.
  9. The chairman of the committee has the casting (or second) vote.
  10. The governing body may abolish a committee or withdraw its delegated powers.
  11. The Committees shall, each school year, at their first meeting or as soon thereafter as is possible, elect a chairman for each committee and, if possible, a vice chairman. All governors are eligible for these offices. If the chairman and vice chair are absent from a meeting a governor may be elected to take the chair.
  12. Members of the governing body are entitled to seven days notice of a committee meeting and to receive an agenda. A shorter timescale may be given if the committee chairman decides the issue needs urgent attention.
  13. Minutes of all committee meetings must be kept and must be available for inspection.
  14. The committee will report (recommendations and/or decisions) to the full governing body.
  15. Committee chairs are responsible for calling meetings and preparing agendas.