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Powers Which Cannot be Delegated to Committees

There are some essential responsibilities to do with important school policies which cannot be delegated. This means that the functions listed below may only be carried out by the full governing body and not by a committee or an individual.

  • decide the content or vary the instrument of government;
  • appoint, co-opt or remove governors;
  • appoint the chairman and vice chairman of governors and remove the chairman;
  • decide arrangements for full governing body meetings;
  • regulate the procedures of the governing body and of committees,
  • decide about delegation to or the establishment, constitution, arrangements and review of committees, including selection panels;
  • approve the school prospectus;
  • approve the annual report to parents;
  • publish proposals for the alteration or discontinuance of the school;
  • publish proposals for change of category of the school;
  • determine admission arrangements;
  • object to the admissions arrangements of another admission authority;
  • fix admission numbers and vary the standard number of pupils;
  • make admission appeal arrangements;
  • decide school session times and dates of school terms and holidays;
  • decide arrangements for collective worship;
  • decide on an application to advisory councils about the requirements for Christian collective worship;
  • decide school discipline policies;
  • adopt and review the home-school agreement
  • decide whether or not and how sex education should be given;
  • decide and review policies on charging and remissions;
  • decide matters relating to the balanced treatment of political issues or the prohibition of political indoctrination;
  • make arrangements for staff dismissal appeals.