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Pay and Review Committee

The Pay and Review Committee will have fully delegated powers to make decisions within the pay policy which has been agreed by the governing body.

Terms of Reference


  • meet the aims of the whole school pay policy,
  • apply the criteria set by the whole school pay policy,
  • respect all statutory and contractual obligations;
  • review the whole school pay policy annually to take account of local and national developments and make appropriate recommendations to the governing body
  • agree at the outset whether the committee will consider the award of discretionary points for all staff;
  • review the performance of the head, deputy headteacher and assistant heads against delivery of targets;
  • establish the criteria to be used for performance review and/or performance related pay which may lead to the award of any additional points for teaching staff;
  • arrange for an annual review of staff pay which may include a decision not to award incremental points. 


  • The governing body will receive the report of the Pay and Review Committee and will either endorse or refer back, without debate, in order not to prejudice any appeal.


  • In the event of an appeal, the governing body will convene an appeals panel (three governors who were not involved in the original decision) to meet within ten working days of the receipt of the appeal notice. An appellant has the right to see all relevant papers and to be accompanied /represented by a friend or trade union/ professional association representative.
  • The decision of the appeal committee will be final. 

NB: Anyone employed at the school other than the headteacher, for example a teacher governor or staff governor, must withdraw from a meeting of the committee during any consideration or discussion of the pay or performance appraisal of any individual working in the school This does not include occasions when the governing body is considering the Individual School Range (ISR) for a school (and therefore the salary of the headteacher) before appointment.