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Governors' Committees

How they operate:


  • Carry out their delegated responsibilities
  • Carry out their advisory responsibilities
  • Carry out governing body delegated tasks
  • Direct their chair and vice chair to:
    • Liase with other chair at chairs meeting to maintain work progress
    • Inform full governing body of progress of delegated and advisory responsibilities


  • Bring together the decisions of each committee and allow continual progress.
  • Maintain the strategic overview (by listening to the works of all the committees and feeding this back to committees)
  • Monitor and evaluate the governing body’s effectiveness and advise on training and development
  • Ensure a consistent approach
  • Inform the full governing body of the progress of each committee

Full Governing Body

  • Debates and completes its non-delegated responsibilities
  • Acts as a forum for each governor to be fully appraised of each of the committees’ work and the strategic overview
  • Sets the priority and direction for each committee (within the School Development Plan)
  • Sets the committees
  • Sets/alters delegated responsibilities
  • Makes final decision on all committees’ advisory responsibilities