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Fun healthy clubs at school

Broadwater has a strong tradition of offering fun healthy clubs which aim to teach children about leading healthy lifestyles.

Get Set Go Clubs

Before School - Get Set Go Tuesday 8.10-8.40am (Mr Lund)

30 mins in the morning on a Tuesday.

This club was first set up in Autumn 2015 and has run since except while Covid restrictions were in place. It takes place once a week for children from years 4-6. The purpose of the club is to raise fitness and participation, but also to increase confidence when taking part in various sports and games. We encourage participation of children that have not been involved in any other sporting clubs.

Since the club started, there have been many children attending the club and the large majority of these children now sign up to at least one other sporting club each term as well. No child has ever turned down the offer to rejoin the morning Get Set Go club having previously been in it.

The main things the children enjoy about the club are the variety of sports and games played within a session. They also value the time to focus on fitness in a smaller group.


After School - Get Set Go Tuesday 3:20pm-5pm (Mr Lund and Mrs Payne)

This club focusses on social skills, physical activity, preparing healthy snacks and learning about healthy lifestyles. The children learn from a hands-on approach and by means of presentations, quizzes and practical activities. Every child gets to create and eat a healthy snack as part of the club. Recipe sheets are often provided allowing the children to cook at home too.

Results gathered post-completion of the club show that the children came away from the club with an increased understanding and knowledge of healthy eating and are more inclined to take part in physical activity.

The club is supported by enthusiastic year 6 Sports Leaders. These leaders help the teachers to record children’s results in games and physical challenges. Children attending the club are constantly challenged to improve their fitness levels.

Summer 2023 - 11 year 2 children 

Spring 2023 -14 children (siblings in KS2) 

Summer 2022 - 14 year 2 children

Spring 2022  -    20 year 4 children

Autumn 2021 – 20 year 3 children

Autumn 2019 – 20 year 3 children

Summer 2019 – 20 year 2 children

Spring 2019 – 24 year 2/3 children

Autumn 2018 - 24 year 3/4 children

Summer 2018 - 24 year 2/3 children

Spring 2018 – 24 year 2/3 children