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Feedback from parents

Autumn Term 2019

At the end of the Autumn Term, the parents of children that attended ‘Get Set Go’ were asked to share the benefits of their child attending the club and other thoughts. Here are some of their comments;

“Child A always loved cooking and took a great interest in food. School have gone ‘above and beyond’ in ‘Get Set Go’. Child A loves the games and raves about the snacks too!  Thank you for all your hard work and effort.”

Child B has knowledge of healthy food consumption. They have an awareness of sugar/fat quantities in food and the importance of extra physical exercise. We are really happy with the club and its intentions.

“Child C has made new friends. He has more confidence with trying new foods and helping in the kitchen. He often comes back asking to buy the new food item or make the food he had at Get Set Go. Thank you for your dedication. Child C loves this club.”

“Child D has improved his physical abilities and stamina. He is more aware of healthy eating and a balanced diet. I really appreciate teacher’s effort on this.”

“Child E comes home talking about what he tried. He often surprises me by saying he likes a new vegetable now. It is also easier to get him to eat veg at dinner time (obviously not all the time). Child E talks about healthy behaviours, the things it is healthy to eat and about being active. He’ll be dancing and will say this is good exercise.”

“This club has given child F the opportunity to learn the importance of food groups and express her views on what she likes and doesn’t like. Child F gains much knowledge learning about the different food groups. She loves talking about what she has made and how she made it. She has a lot of enthusiasm for baking and cooking. The simple recipes are so easy to follow and are very child focused. She has had the opportunity to try ingredients and food that she hasn’t at home. Thank you so much for all your hard work.”

“Child H has grown in confidence socially and in her kitchen skills. She now regularly helps with dinner preparation and cooking. She loves going to Get Set Go, and it is her favourite night of the school week.”

“Child K has an awareness of healthy living and eating. He understands why we need to eat healthy snacks. Thank you for your amazing hard work, thought, preparation you put into this fantastic after school club. It really has become something child K enjoys, He was really disappointed the week it was cancelled so I think that reflects how much fun he has!”

“Child L is recognising different food groups and learning about new recipes and snacks both at school and at home. She makes her packed lunch every day.”

“Child M has become more aware of healthy snacks, enjoying making things and overall enjoyment of the club again. Child M is a bit more open to trying new things now. Thank you again for another great club. Child M loves Get Set Go, she has been proud of herself for trying new things and joining in. Thank you very much.

Summer Term 2019

At the end of the Summer Term, the parents of children that attended ‘Get Set Go’ were asked to share the benefits of their child attending the club and other thought. Here are some of their comments;

“Child A is more confident with physical activity and has a better self-image.”

“Child B has been more interested in fruit since the club. He has really enjoyed the activities at this club and is eager to tell me all about it. Great idea!”

“Child C has built her friendships and confidence.”

“Child D has benefited by socialising with new children and we liked the great ideas for healthy snacks. Thank you so much! We can’t thank you enough for this amazing opportunity.”

“Child E has grown in confidence in knowing how to stay healthy and prepare food. We are so grateful for this club and for the teachers going above and beyond for Child E. It is also a lot easier to convince him that having a piece of fruit or another healthy snack is better than sugary or salty food. He is much more aware of issues around food.”

“Child F loves the activities.”

“Child H has loved year 2 Get Set GO. She has grown in confidence, working in a group and making friendships. She has an increased knowledge of food groups. Thanks to the staff for their dedication and hard work.”

“Child I has benefited from learning how to make healthy food and being more active. She has really enjoyed the club.”

“Child J has loved going to this club. She has had lots of fun and enjoyed having different snacks.”

“It has helped child K to have a positive attitude to an after school club and he has made friends.  He tried new healthy food and wanted to try them at home.”

“Child L is able to explain the different food groups, checks food labels and is mindful about the amount of unhealthy food he eats – makes choices for healthy food.”

“Child M has an understanding of the need for healthy food. Now, he asks less for sweets/ chocolate and accepts more fruit and vegetables.”

“Child N has really enjoyed the club again. It’s given her more confidence in herself and confidence to try new things foodwise. The club is very well run and Child N always has a great time. Thank you for all your hard work and time you put into it. It’s very much appreciated.”

“Child O thoroughly enjoys coming to Get Set Go and likes eating the food they make.”

“Child P has come home interested in the amount of activity he does and talking about being active. He also has great interest in the ‘traffic lights’ on food. He discusses the values of different breakfast cereals on the table. He has asked me to get him some foods he has tried in Get Set Go and discusses with me whether snacks or meals are healthy or not.”

“Child Q is more confident. He takes in everything that he has learnt. He talks a lot more about what is good for you and what is bad. Plus, he enjoys going.”

“Child R has benefited form the social aspect and making friends. She has loved this, thank you.”

Spring Term 2019

At the end of the Spring Term, the parents of children that attended ‘Get Set Go’ were asked to share the benefits of their child attending the club. Here are some of their comments;

“Child A has come home bursting with comments about how much she loves Get Set Go and how many points her team won! I think she enjoyed learning how to play new games. Thank you for putting the group on. Child A thoroughly enjoyed herself.”

“Child B has been talking about what is healthy and what is not. He has been positive about the whole experience of the club! He has tried new foods and exercise. All positive experiences for child B”

“Child C has more confidence- more willing to have a go at physical activities. He is very keen to cook rather than bake. Thank you for the thoughtful, behind the scenes work you do for Get Set Go. Child C was thrilled with the prizes and certificates!”

“Child D has been showing a great interest in food and cooking. He asks most nights to help me cook and I often give him things to chop or prepare. He is very aware of what is and is not healthy. Since the club started we have shared some lovely times cooking together. I love the idea of this club. The teachers are warm and friendly and my child has really enjoyed going!!

“Child E has learnt about healthy eating, the relationship between healthy eating and  using healthy ingredients. She benefited from being involved in making dishes. Child E has really benefited from these Get Set Go clubs. Quietly she has taken on board what has been taught.”

“Child F has come home interested in healthy food and talking about exercise. He has actively gone looking in the kitchen for food he has done at the club and asked me to buy the things too. He has also done several cooking sessions in the kitchen.”

“Child G has benefited from recipe ideas and working with different children. Excellent experience and thanks to the staff. Keep up the great and supportive work.”

“Child H has benefited from the exercise, trying different foods and it makes her think about healthier choices.”

“Child I enjoys trying new foods each week and is actually willing to try alternative healthier options at home too now. She has also noticed an improvement in her fitness levels.”

“Child J has enjoyed learning about different food groups. She is enjoying cooking and baking and is being enthusiastic about what she has taken home.”

“Child K has greater awareness of healthy eating and enjoyed preparing the recipes. He says he liked everything about the club.”

“Child L has gained confidence and had fun in a learning environment. His willingness to try new foods has improved.”

“Child M has enjoyed trying new foods.”

“Child N has been happy to try new things and wants to replicate recipes at home. It has helped her to be more independent when choosing what to eat.”

“Child O has tried a lot of new foods which he would usually say he didn’t like before.”

“Child P has really enjoyed making the healthy snacks and has tried new things which is such a move forward. She has been making new things at home and trying them. Child P has really enjoyed the club and has been very excited about going every week. It has given her more confidence and she has tried things that she would never would have before. A fabulous club – thank you very much. I only have positives its been great experience for child P and lovely to see her trying new things and her confidence grow.”