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Feedback from parents

Spring Term 

At the end of the Spring Term, the parents of children that attended ‘Get Set Go’ were asked to share the benefits of their child attending the club and other thoughts. Here are some of their comments;

“Child A has really enjoyed this club and is always excited to tell me what he has been doing. Thank you for your time and commitment, it’s appreciated”

“Child A has loved doing sport/football skills and has more awareness of healthy eating and exercise.”

“Child B has enjoyed following recipes and creating ideas involving food. Child B has enjoyed the social aspect. He has also enjoyed the games which have been played.”

“Child C has loved the club and hopes to go again. Child C says they love everything about the club and it is great!”

“Child D has really enjoyed Get Set Go this term and I feel fortunate that he has been given the opportunity to attend. Child D has really wanted to do more cooking and baking all with healthy ingredients since doing Get Set Go.”

“Child E has a better knowledge of healthier choices. Child E has been making suggestions of healthier dinners and has shown more independence in the kitchen”

“Child F has really enjoyed the cooking and baking so definitely keep doing that.”

“Child G really enjoyed getting new recipes.”

“Get Set Go had a positive impact on the mental health of Child H as it played to his strengths.”

“The biggest benefit to child J was developing friendships”

“I will miss seeing child J come out of school so happy on a Tuesday!”

Autumn Term 

At the end of the Autumn Term, the parents of children that attended ‘Get Set Go’ were asked to share the benefits of their child attending the club and other thoughts. Here are some of their comments;

“Child A is keen to attend, talks about healthy choices at home regarding food and has more interest in going for a walk. Child A likes that the snacks are also creative.”

Child A’s parent also said; “It has been very well run and communication has been strong.”

“Child B has really enjoyed this after school club. In the past he hasn’t wanted to do any clubs after school but always looks forward to Tuesdays.”

 “Child C has thoroughly enjoyed the club, particularly the cooking/food aspects. She has been keen to share her new recipes at home. I think it has been a good confidence builder for her.”

Child D’s parents said; “We have noticed a huge difference in her confidence and independence. She has loved every minute of it.”

 “Thank you for giving our children such fantastic opportunities.”

“Child E really enjoyed the cooking and PE combination. He liked being with his friends and has shown more interest in coloured ingredients on packets etc.”

“Child F has grown in confidence and has become more social. Also, child F has tried some foods that usually she would dismiss!”

Child F’s parent said; “I would encourage all children to do this without a doubt.”

“Child G loves Get Set Go, she enjoys cooking and learning about different foods and healthy eating.”

They also said;

“Great club and thank you for your hard work.”

“Child H had a fabulous time attending Get Set Go Club and enjoyed every session and the activities offered.”

“Child I has a more in depth insight into becoming even more healthy.”

“After attending the club child K learned and knew more snacks which he has never tasted before. Child K enjoyed all the snacks and recipes at Get Set Go Club. The best snacks he liked were the breakfast scones because its tasty.”

They also said; “It a good idea to run this club as we can make the healthy snacks at home based on the simple recipes.”

“Child L gained confidence. He enjoyed preparing food and sharing it with the other children. I think the length of time at the club was beneficial too.”