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Stage 2: Repeated Addition

The number line is used as an effective informal method of written multiplication to show multiplication as repeated addition.

5 times 3 is 5+5+5=15 or 3 lots of 5 or 5x3

5 x 3 means 5, 3 times. Any language needs to match the visual image that is being used.

Initially, Numicon plates and Cuisenaire rods can be used to represent the repeated addition.


Following this, the repeated addition is shown on a number line as jumps.

Cuisenaire rods and number tracks can be used to illustrate the repeated addition alongside the Numicon plates. The number track replicates the layout of the number line.

Children should know that 3 x 5 has the same answer as 5 x 3. This commutativity can also be shown on the number line.


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