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Recovery Premium

08 March 2021 13:15

Details of Expenditure of Catch up Premium Grant in academic year 2020-2021

Catch up fund Expenditure Report - Catch Up Fund Expenditure Report Spring 2 and Summer Term


Catch up Premium Autumn term academic year 2021-2022

Catch up fund Expenditure Report - Catch Up Funding 2021 Sep

Autumn Term 2021/2022


Teachers will continue to formatively assess the children on return to school using a variety of methods in line with school assessment procedures.

The end of year assessments 2021 have provided the information required to plan for the autumn term’s provision. Intervention and booster sessions will start the week beginning 13th September.

Gaps of knowledge/skill to address

  1. The main focus for support is:
  • consolidation/revisit of skills and knowledge
  • revisiting of teaching where it is clear children can not apply or have not understood.

Early Year- Booster programme to begin once the Baseline has been completed

Year 2- Additional teaching hours 3.5 hours a week: Mathematics and writing focus- spring term

Year 3- Teacher run intervention 1.75 hours per week autumn 1: reading focus

Year 4- Additional teaching hours 22.5 hours per week: English and mathematics support 1:3 x3 groups reading tuition twice weekly- 7-week programme

Year 5- Two Teacher run intervention groups 5 hours a week: writing and mathematics focus 1:3 maths tuition twice weekly- 7-week programme

Year 6- Teacher run intervention 3.5 hours a week.

Future Action

All intervention groups run by teachers have ongoing assessments that form part of the formative classroom assessment records.

The intervention and tuition that the ‘catch up finance’ is funding is bespoke. Teaching support/focus will change to meet the need of each cohort once impact has been analysed. Any change will be carefully monitored by Senior Leadership Team.

All maths intervention programmes will resume from 13th September. Number Sense to resume in the spring term.

All programmes and additional support to be reviewed at half term as personnel are leaving.


 For information on the Recovery Premium expenditure please see Pupil Premium pages on our website.