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Autumn - Raiders and traders!

We are going on an adventure through time to find out more about the different groups of people who helped to shape Britain as we know it today from the Iron Age with Ancient Britons to the Viking and Anglo-Saxons.

We will begin our journey through time exploring items and artefacts, which helped shape Britain as we know it today. A trip to Bignor Roman Villa will teach us about the lives these people led, including any legacies they left behind. Stories about Rome and Roman times will inspire creative writing and offer children the opportunity to empathise with the characters from that time. We will think about the UK's place in Europe and the changes to empires over time. We will experience Celtic artwork and Roman pottery-making then learn to cook and dance like a Viking. We will have some mysterious Viking visitors along the way and learn all about their longboats.

In Science, we will look at our vital internal organs as well as exploring how sound travels to a key external organ - the ear.

This year in our music lessons we will learn to play the violin, delivering two showcases to parents over the course of the year. 

Questions we'll be asking:

  • Where is the UK?
  • What is the history of our country?
  • Who invaded when?
  • Can you create a Roman pot?
  • What happened in Pompeii and why did it happen?
  • Can you explain what life was like at Bignor Roman Villa?
  • If you could interview a Roman, what would you ask him or her?