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Spring - Rainforest Rescue

We are off on a rescue mission.

This term we will arrive in our jungle-inspired habitat ready to ask inspiring and challenging questions about the jungles of our world. We'll learn about their location, the plants and animals that live there and why they are uniquely adapted to their environment. We will even taste some of their produce. Our literature will help us to write imaginatively and also deeply question the impact that humans have on this area of the world.  We will learn about photosynthesis and plant science, look at how natural resources can be used well and be inspired by the artistic techniques of Henri Rousseau. We will even rewrite a popular story in French.

Questions we'll be asking:

  • Where are the rainforests located around the world?
  • Which animals are well-adapted to this habitat?
  • What are the four layers of the rainforest?
  • How is the rainforest important to us?
  • What is the impact of deforestation? How can we make a difference?