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MARVELLOUS Moving Machines

We start with a mystery - let's investigate some intriguing and unfamiliar inventions. We will research who invented what and when and the impact on us today. We will be inspired to write using some amazing texts including ‘Leonardo and the Flying Boy’, ‘The Invention of Hugo Cabret’. We will look at themes of resilience, self-esteem and challenge stereotypes. We will use collage techniques to create our own portraits and silhouettes, and create computer animations. In our French lessons, we will learn how to give directions. When we design our own robots, we incorporate our knowledge of electrical circuits.  

Questions we'll be asking:

  • What material is it made from? Where might be used? How might it make a job easier for someone? Who is the intended user?
  • How does it move? What does it look like inside?
  • Who invented it and why? How do you invent some-thing?
  • Why are fantastic failures just as important as stunning successes?
  • Who is Leonardo da Vinci? Where did he live? When did he live? Why is he famous?
  • Do we know the name of any other famous inventors? What did they invent? Who invented the telephone? Who invented the bicycle? How have inventions adapted and improved over time?
  • When was electricity 'invented'? Who 'invented' it? How does it work? How do you make an electric circuit to light a bulb? What is a switch? How does it work? What is a conductor/insulator of electricity?

Can you help?

We regularly need help in school. If you are able to help volunteer with any activity, please let the School Office know.