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Supporting your child

Year 2 Expectations

This term will be challenging for all the Year 2 children.  The expectations have raised and we will be doing everything we can to support them in reaching these new goals.

·       As we have already stated, there is a high expectation on reading and spelling.  Please continue to read daily with your child and record in their new reading record book.

·       Continue to practise spellings with your child. Even if they have completed the spelling lists, please go back and review all the lists again.

·       We will be sending a variety of homework activities this term that will enable you to be involved with your child’s learning. It is important all children complete the homework.

If you are able to help us in the classroom, please let us know. We always welcome offers of help!

If you want to do activities related to the topic, you could.....

* Watch nature programmes about the Arctic (e.g. BBC Life in the Snow)

* Research Arctic Animals

* Look for story books in the library set in icy regions, polar bear facts or information books on the 'Great Fire of London'