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In order to support your child to their full potential, homework is taking higher priority this year as discussed at the parent information evening.

Homework is now set every Thursday via Google Classroom.  

We have split them into 3 sections

Must - we expect the children to do this section every week.

Should - The children should be having a go at this section of the homework, yet we understand it may not get done every week.

Could - This is to extend topic interests and is an optional part of the homework.

Please spend some time supporting your child with these activities. We do understand time can be an issue over weekends so homework will be set on a Thursdays. Please turn in with your comment on Google Classroom.

Regular reading is still expected and we are asking children and/or parents to record reading at least 3 times a week in their new reading diary.

Help with Reading

Examples of comments to support your child’s evidence

Over the year we need to build up a picture of your child’s reading interests and capabilities.  An essential part of this is the use of this reading diary.  Please make a short comment EVERY time they read at home, this should be at least 3 times a week. Thank you to all those who have begun to comment in the reading diary. 

To help to build up useful evidence of your child’s reading progress please use the following types of comments when recording in the diary. 

Instead of just writing – “good reading” here are some examples of useful comments

XXXX (Name of child) was able to give a prediction saying ……

XXXX read fluently but needed to segment and blend ‘dangerous’

XXXX said the character P was greedy because …

XXXX enjoyed finding facts about Snails and found the answer to questions

XXXX wanted to read this book because he likes the author and has also read ….

XXXX thought this story was similar to the book ZZZ because …

XXXX read this to themselves but recalled all the events of the story.

It does not need to be an essay but a detailed comment is extremely useful when finding evidence.

We also encourage the children to write their own comments. 

Many thanks for your support  - Year 2 team 

Help with spelling

Click on the link below for ideas to help your child to learn to spell.  If you require further explanation, please speak to your class teacher.

Spelling strategies

Many thanks for your support - Year 2 team



We are excited to begin Numbots.  All the children in Year 2 have a unique login code which is stuck indie their homework book.  To login please click 

For further information please read the parent letter.  Click here Numbots parent letter