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School Clubs


Dear Parents,

Firstly, please ensure you refer to the letter and timetable (click on the attached documents) and then follow the procedure for when clubs open in January.

Club Letter to Parents Spring 2022

Timetable for Spring 2022 updated

Clubs will start from MONDAY 17th JANUARY 2022

The school clubs are booked on-line on a ‘First Come First Serve’ Basis. The link to the booking system is on the school website From the home page, click on the 'Information tab', then the first drop down tab 'Parent Information' then choose the 'Parent Booking System' penultimate drop down tab and fill in your details on the Parent’s Evening System on that page as below.

The details required are title, first name, surname of parent and first name, surname and date of birth of the child. The information must match the datasheets you returned to us. Please remember the system uses the chosen name you have for your child. The parents title is validated and so it is important to enter Ms or Miss correctly.

We are opening the club booking system on THURSDAY 6TH JANUARY AT 8pm and closing the system on MONDAY 10TH JANUARY at 8pm.  During this time all bookings can be applied for and you will be notified immediately if your child has a place or if the club is full.  At 8pm on Monday 10th, the system will close and no further online bookings can be made.  If you have any problems, please call into the office.


  • As you are told immediately if your child has a place in their chosen club, please DO NOT double book children into more than one club that runs at the same time as this causes a lot of confusion and takes up an additional space that could have been allocated to another child.
  • It is ideal if only one parent is responsible for booking their child on where at all possible as we often get mum and dad booking their child into the same club so again 2 places are taken up.
  • Please can you then make a note of the clubs that your child has been accepted into and tell your children as they do not always seem to know what they are doing! We will be giving copies of club registers to the teachers in Years 1 and 2 but please can you remind your children on a daily basis, what club they may have that day and where it is running as it is important that children turn up to the clubs they have signed up for.  Thank you.
  • In the event of clubs being OVERSUBSRIBED and where there is a waiting list, we reserve the right to limit this to TWO clubs per child. We will contact any parents to which this applies, to ask which clubs they would prefer to remain in.
  • Please can you talk to your children to tell them that they must NOT turn up at a club that they have NOT been allocated a place in! We are finding an increasing number of children just “turn up” and assume they can join in. This makes it difficult to know where children are and where there is a waiting list this is not fair on those who have booked their children using the correct procedure.  Any child who does this will unfortunately be asked to leave, and in the event of this being an after school club, parents will be contacted to pick them up.
  • If your child wants to join a club after the deadline has closed for club bookings, please email the office and we can see if there are spaces available.

PLEASE ensure you only sign your child up if you genuinely believe they want to be part of the club and for the whole term.  If they change their mind at any point, please call or email the OFFICE ONLY asap so we can let the club leader know and reallocate the place.

If you have any queries or messages to be passed regarding clubs at any point, please contact Mrs Cook or Mrs Jefferson in the office and NOT the teacher.  Thank you.

Street Dance Club will be starting again on Friday 14th January for Years 2-6  - you will need to sign up online (places are limited). 

Street Dance Broadwater C of E Jan 2022

Ukulele Club will be starting on Wednesday 19th January for Years 2-6. Please see the flyer below for details on how to sign up.  Thank you.