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Autumn - From Coast to Coast

Why do people move from coast to coast? What else is transported from coast to coast? What impact does movement from coast to coast have? 

We will be answering all of these key questions during our topic.

Have you ever discovered anything exciting washed up on the beach? Well, what if it was a message in a bottle? In the autumn term, we are inspired by  our key texts, The Island and Kensuke’s Kingdom which lead us to learn about life aboard the seas and give us clues as to what it might be like to survive on a desert island. We visit Shoreham to learn about the history of the port and how imports and exports have impacted the land use along the coastline. We develop our observational drawing through mixed media artwork and clay sculpture and explore the RHE themes of isolation, resilience and tolerance of others. Our science during this term explores theories for evolution, and how fossils might provide evidence for this. Alongside this, in RE, we explore the idea of Creation. We also learn about our circulatory system, including how to keep our heart and bodies healthy.

Questions we'll be asking:

  • What does it feel like to be bullied and suffer racism and prejudice?
  • What makes a good friend?
  • What does evolution mean?
  • What does inheritance mean?