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Spring – Move It!

We start our term by immersing ourselves in the wonderful sights and sounds of steam engines. This inspires our art, poetry and story writing. We listen to the memories of an older person and look at photographs of railways from the 1950s. 

We carry out some detective work and meet a naughty character. This leads us to embark on a bus tour of Worthing and discover more about key landmarks of our town in the past and present. We discover how one small brave action from Rosa Parks inspired others to fight for equality and justice. 

Our very own bike day at school starts our journey to become bike experts. We create amazing art inspired by the work of Joel Henriques.  

Later, we meet a Quentin Blake story character who asks us to design something for a four legged friend.  During science week, another book character asks us to carry out a series of science investigations.

We finish our topic with a visit to Amberley Working Museum which allows us to explore the history of vehicles and see how changes occur over time.

Questions we'll be asking:

  • What was it like to travel on a steam train?
  • What does the Naughty Bus do?
  • What landmarks can you see on a bus tour around Worthing?
  • How has Worthing changed over time?
  • How do you stay safe on a bike?
  • What is a Penny Farthing?
  • What techniques can you use to create art inspired by the artist Joel Henriques?
  • Where would you travel with Motor Miles in his car?
  • Why should we remember women like Rosa Parks?