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Appendix 1: Number Formation

It is important that correct number formation is taught throughout the school. In the early stages, number formation is taught using the following illustrations. Children should be corrected in their number formation throughout the school. It is important the correct version of the number four is used and the number five is not formed in the same way that the letter ‘s’ is formed.


0 - around Greedy Zero’s tummy (anti-clockwise)

1 - down his tummy

2 - round his head down his neck and along his feathers

3 - round his wing and round his wing (clockwise)

4 - down his neck, across his body and cross through again

5 - down, round his tummy, across his head

6 - down from the tip of his tail curling round and back

7 - across his head and down his long neck

8 - we make a spider but do not wait, we curl back up and make an eight (anti-clockwise)

9 - round his head up to his ear and down to his toes (anti-clockwise)

10 - down Tiger’s tail, round his face (anti-clockwise)






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