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Autumn  MarveLlous Me AND Once Upon a Rhyme

As the children start school we begin by exploring the topic Marvellous Me. We will be learning about; who is in our family, what we like to eat, what toys we like to play with and considering the emotions we feel.  The children share treasure boxes they have made at home and talk about what is important to them. We learn to draw ourselves and paint pictures of our faces. The children will be thinking about themselves and considering how they are similar and different to their friends. We will share about our family celebrations and traditions.

Our learning journey will continue as we then begin to explore Nursery Rhymes, which begins with solving  the Queen of Hearts missing tart problem. To celebrate our lovely, learning we come together and enjoy a Jam Tart Tea Party, with family and friends, with jam tarts all hand-made by the children.

We encourage the children to share their favourite Nursery Rhyme with us and we talk about the characters  and share how they may be feeling. We think about ways to help Little Bo Peep to stop loosing her sheep. Leading into our grand finale of Nursery Rhyme dress up day before we embark on the Christmas journey. 

Questions we'll be asking:

  • Who's in your family?
  • Who do you love? 
  • What is your favourite toy? Why?
  • How do you feel? 
  • Can you sing your favourite nursery rhyme?
  • How do you make jam tarts?
  • Which character will you pretend to be?
  • How could we help Little Bo-Peep to stop losing her sheep?
  • Where do we post a letter in Broadwater?
  • Who's birthday do we celebrate at Christmas?