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Policies, guidance notes and forms

Our policies are divided into three sections. General school policies can be viewed in the section below. There are two further sections - curriculum polices and a data protection section.

Click to view any of our polices, guidance notes and forms below

Acceptable Use Agreement for Community Policy 2021-2022

Acceptable use of Internet Policy 2019-2022

Accessibility Strategy and Plan Policy 2021-2024

Admission to Broadwater Church of England Primary School 2021-2022 With compliance amendment

(*Variation proposal letter from Governors to OSA July 2020)

Admission to Broadwater Church of England Primary School 2022-2023 With compliance amendment

Anti Bullying Policy 2021-2024

Any Visitor to the school 2021-2022 (updated Dec 2021)

Attendance and Absence Policy 2021-22

Behaviour Policy 2021-2022                Annex to Behaviour Policy May 2020

Bereavement and Loss Policy 2020-2024

Best Value Statement 2022-2023

Code of Conduct of Parents and Carers 2021-2024

Complaints Procedure 2019-2024 

Designated Teacher for Looked After Children 2021-2022

Drugs and Alcohol Policy 2020-2023

Enrolment Booklet version 2021-22

Equality Information 2018-2022

EYFS Policy 2022-2025

Food Policy 2020-2023

Governors Allowances Expenses Policy 2021-2022

Governor Visits Policy Protocol and Procedures 2021-2025

Governors Charging Remissions Policy 2020-2023

Governors Statement of Behaviour Principles 2021-2025

Health and Safety Policy 2021-2022

Helpers Casual in School Guidelines 2021-2022

Helpers on School Trips Guidelines 2021-2022

Homework policy 2021-2025

Lettings Policy 2022-2023 

Managing Serial and Unreasonable Complaints Policy 2020-2024

Medicines Policy and Asthma Toolkit 2021-2022

Protocol for Asthma Inhalers Auto Injectors and Medicines on Trips and Activities 2021-2022

Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy 2019-2022 

Off Sites policy 2018-2022

Online-Safety-Policy 2021-2022

Parent Carer Acceptable Use Agreement Policy 2021-2022

Policy on the use of Photographs and Video 2018-2022

Positive Handling Policy Reasonable force 2021-2024

Pupil- Acceptable Use Agreement - Foundation Stage and KS1

Pupil - Acceptable Use Agreement - KS2

Request for Absence during School Term Time 2021-2022

Safe Use of Photographs and Video Policy 2021-2024

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2021-2022

COVID-19 school safeguarding policy annex Jan2021

Special Educational Needs/Disability (SEND) and Inclusion Policy 2020-2023

Single Equality Policy 2019-2022 

Volunteers (regular in school) 2021-2022


Curriculum Policies

To view our curriculum policies click here.



Wrap Around Care Arrivals and Departures Policy

Wrap Around Care Failure to cancel a booking policy

Wrap Around Care Missing Child Policy

Wrap Around Care Mobile Phone and Electronic Devices Policy

Wrap Around Care Play Policy

Wrap Around Care Suspension and Exclusion Policy

Wrap Around Care Terms and Conditions


Data Protection Policies

Data Protection Policy 2021-2022

Freedom of Information Policy 2021-2024

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme 2021-2024

Privacy Notice for Pupils 2021-2024

Privacy Notice for the School Workforce 2021-2024

Privacy Notice for Recruitment and Volunteers 2021-2024

Transferring Folders Between Schools Policy 2021-2024