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Summer – Let's make a Difference

In the Summer Term, our topic is ‘Let’s make a difference’!

The children study inspirational world changers such as Greta Thunberg and Boyan Slat and write their own persuasive letters to make a positive difference to our world. They will research and write their own non-chronological report on a topic of choice which might include: single use plastic, light pollution, ocean pollution, waste management and recycling. They visit Ford Materials Recycling Facility where they learn all about recycling in West Sussex. Year 5 hold their own Enterprise sale where they design and make their own products, with a recycled element. They keep track of their costings and donate the profits to charity.

The term ends with the study of an ancient Islamic civilization (Baghdad AD 900) that provides a contrast with British history. They will place historical periods in chronological order, identify what was in the city of Baghdad, design their own Islamic patterns, learn about the mathematician of Al-Khawarizimi and the Mongol invasion of Baghdad. Finally, they will identify the achievements of the Early Islamic Society that created Baghdad.

The House of Wisdom had hundreds of thousands of books but the greatest book of all was… ‘One Thousand and One Nights’. This book was a collection of the finest tales in Arabia. Written over many hundreds of years they told wonderful stories of giants, and genies, princesses, and heroes, monsters and magic. The children write our own story to add to the book!

Questions we'll be asking:

What is recycling?

How can we recycle?

What impact can we have on the world?

How can I be a world changer?

What is a lifecycle? 

Where is Baghdad?

What was in the ancient city of Baghdad? 

How did the ancient city of Baghdad fall?