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Year 5 share stories

24 November 2023 10:49

Year 5 went to Year 2 and Early Years to share the ancient Egyptian fairy tales that they had written. 

 Year 5 feedback:

  • It is nice to share our stories so that the younger children can enjoy them.  (Riley)
  • It is a really good idea to share our stories with Year 2 as we get to perform our stories. It is good for them to hear a story being read aloud. As the writer, if you see the children enjoying the story, it makes it fun for them too. It makes me feel a little bit like a real author. (Eva) 
  • I really enjoyed sharing my story as we’ve tried really hard to write them and by sharing them, the younger children get to enjoy them too. The reception children said they loved the way that I used expression when I read to them. (Freya)
  • I think that we raise the bar by reading our stories to the Year 2 children as there is a big age difference - we are showing them what their writing will develop into. (Liam)

Year 2 feedback:

  • It was really inspiring to hear the stories. I liked the different versions that they did of the well-known stories.  (Noah)
  • I liked when Ella wrote, ‘The flat man’. It made me laugh. It was so funny! (Rori)
  • The bread man reminded me of the Gingerman. It was a good adventure story. The flat bread man kept running away from everyone. He got eaten at the end. (Charlie)
  • I can’t believe how much they have written: 3 whole pages! I really like the handwriting. It is very neat.