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Staff Policies

Adoption Policy (Support staff) 2020-2024

Adoption Policy (Teachers) 2022-2025

Appointment Procedures 2021-2023

Appraisal Policy 2020-2024

Bereavement and Loss Policy 2020-2024

Capability Policy 2020-2024

Career Break Scheme Policy 2020-2023

Confidential Reporting Policy (WhistleBlowing) 2020-2023

CPD Policy 2020-2024

Dependency Leave Policy for Teachers and Support Staff 2020-2024

Disciplinary Policy 2020-2024

Discretionary Leave Policy 2020-2023

Driving Policy 2022-2025

Drug and Alcohol Misuse Policy for Staff 2020-2024

ECT Induction Policy 2021-2025

Emergency Management Plan 2021-2022

Emergency Situation Policy 2021-2022

Environment and Display Policy 2020-2025

First Aid Policy 2021-2024

Grievance Policy 2020-2023

Handling of Disclosure and Barring Service DBS certificates and certificate information 2020-2023

Lockdown Policy 2021-2022

Looked After Children Policy 2020-2024

Maternity Policy Teachers in Schools 2020-2023

Paternity Leave for Teachers Policy 2020-2024

Paternity (Maternity and Adoption) Support Leave Support Staff 2020-2024

Pay Policy for Teachers and School Leaders 2021-2022

Policy Statement on Behaviour at Work for Schools 2020-2024

Policy Statement Equality and Diversity in Employment 2020-2024

Positive Handling Policy Reasonable force 2021-2024

Redundancy Policy 2020-2023

Safer Recruiting and Selection Policy 2017-2021

Shared Parental Leave and Pay Policy 2020-2024

Sickness Absence Policy For Schools 2021-2024

Social Media Policy staff 2021-2022

Staff and Volunteer Acceptable Use Policy 2021-2022

Staff Standards of Conduct 2020-2023

Statutory Request to Work Flexibly Policy 2021-2024