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Prayer week has begun!

16 March 2022 16:47

It has been a fantastic start to our dedicated prayer space week.  Children have enjoyed visiting the 7 stations and we have been amazed by their thoughtful questions, reflections and responses.  

Here are just a few of the BIG questions that children have asked so far: 

How can you (God) be with everyone when there is only one of you?

What do you (God) have prepared for my future?

How many people do you have in heaven with you? 

Why do people not believe in God?

Why do people not want peace in the world? 

Which part of creation do you like most? 


Some reflections on what amazes them: 

"I think the stars are beautiful and I wonder how did God make such things?"

"I realised how beautiful the world is and it is an amazing place." 

"God amazes me and is always by my side."

"He (God) care about billions of people equally."

"The world is beautiful because of its nature." 

"God is always there for us."